Legal Background Checks

FACT: Legal Background Checks Stop Fraud

Did You Know That The Top Causes of Loss
In Business and Real Estate Is Bad Credit and Fraud?

It should come as no suprise to you - living in a world which created
the likes of Bernie Madoff and R. Allen Stanford

...and yet the combined $57 Billion dollars they swiped from investors
will be
dwarfed by the losses businesses and real-estate investors
expect to report this year as a result of bad debts, credit losses
and outright criminal fraud.

Sadly, the truth is the government extends more protection
to criminals and employees than it does to lenders and businesses
(a.k.a. people like you and me)

Businesses, property managers, and hiring managers are extremely
limited in what information they are allowed to use in
making background related choices - be it a new hire, a new tenant,
that new executive, or that new vendor.

Denying credit or employment while using the wrong information
can result in fines, court proceedings...

Check out these recent headlines: Source: Yahoo!(tm) Search
ChoicePoint Fined $15 Million for Data Breach
Debt Collection Agency Fined $1.5 Million
Plaintiffs Filing Class Action Lawsuits Across Country

The Truth Is - the FCRA Provides For $100 to $1000 in Fines per violation!
Can Your Business Afford That?
Mine neither!

You DO have a tool at your disposal however.
If you are an HR professional, or a property manager,
a landlord, or an executive recruiter...

...there is a completely and fully FCRA Compliant
service providing legal background checks

Non Compliant Services Do Have Their Advantages and Uses
They Cost MUCH Less
They Provide Quicker Results
They Make for Great Fact Checkers
Particularly If You Want to Investigate Someone
Investigate a Spouse, Investigate a Boyfriend
Investigate a Girlfriend, Investigate a Person, Investigate a Wife or
Investigate a Husband


If you're in the business of gathering or evaluating:
Employment Screening Background Checks
Employment Criminal Background Checks
HR Professional Background Checks
Employee Criminal Background Checks
Executive Background Checks
Employee Background Checks

Do Yourself and Your Company a Favor:
Use a Fully Compliant
FCRA Employment Background Check Service

Do a Compliant Search Now

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